About Us

We are a team of beauty enthusiasts based in Montreal. The idea of magnetic lashes came to us after speaking to countless girls and noticing that applying glue lashes was not the easiest thing to do, and after removing them they always left residue and sometimes the girls developed some allergies to the glue. Second option was to go get them done in beauty salons, but let’s be honest in a pandemic that wasn’t available all the time and let’s not talk about the high cost of getting them done and maintaining them. 
The idea was to create high quality, beautiful lashes that can be applied easily and by anyone without any negative effects.
Magnetic lashes are not only easy to apply but they’re so affordable and also easy to maintain.
From there our journey started and now our mission is to help all the ladies look their best using our gorgeous magnetic lashes! 
Now it’s your turn to be part of the journey! 
We would love to see you wearing our lashes, join us on IG @el_magnetic and tag us to be featured 🥰
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