Glue-Free- Eliminates the risk of using glue and significantly minimizes application time and messy use of eyelash glue.

Eco-Friendly and Safer for Environment- Fake Lashes that use glue need extra effort to be taken care of. Magnetic Eyelashes replace the need for glue which is harmful to the environment.

Long-Lasting Magnetic Eyelashes- Think of all the cash you will save by purchasing a couple of different sets of magnetic lashes for different occasions. Instead of hitting up the drugstore every time you need a new pair of lashes. 

Perfect for Sensitive Skin- A better option than fake lashes if you have super sensitive skin since no abrasive glue is needed.

Magnet-Infused- Liquid Eyeliner in Black is highly pigmented, long-lasting, and Smudge/Oil/Water-resistant.